Welcome to the American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI)

AALI is committed to the broad development and support of leadership in higher education by creating and implementing programs and other forms of assistance that enable academic leaders in various administrative positions to be successful in their roles and to advance the institutions they serve.

AALI provides leadership identification, development, and support programs across all sectors of public and private higher education.

AALI also sponsors seminars and workshops; supports higher education research and publication; and consults with collegiate trustees and administrators, higher education researchers, and others on a wide range of topics related to leadership development, leadership support, and the successful administration of colleges and universities. Through national and regional conferences as well as consultation with individual campuses, academic leaders, and boards of trustees, AALI focuses on traditional and emerging issues facing higher education and its governance.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AALI and its predecessor organizations have participated in the advancement of higher education for over 30 years