Strategic partnership with the registry

Academic Search and the Registry for College and University Presidents are strategic partners. For some time, we at Academic Search have had requests from our clients to assist in interim appointments. Rather than offer this service ourselves, we partner with the Registry to provide a comprehensive suite of search and placement services to our clients.

We recognize that the challenges in higher education require a new alignment of services, and believe our partnership will provide a seamless transition from an interim appointment to a permanent placement, offering those we serve cost savings, efficiencies of scale and close collaboration between our two organizations.

As two of higher education's oldest and most experienced search and placement firms, Academic Search and the Registry are a natural match. The strength of Academic Search lies in our approach to searches for permanent positions; the Registry's strength is in filling interim appointments in a very short time frame, from a large pool of fully vetted candidates.

Together we are able to meet each of our clients’ unique needs, including an immediate full search that is customized to your goals, or an interim placement followed seamlessly by a search for a permanent appointment.  

Academic Search and the Registry are the solution to all of your interim and permanent placement needs. To learn more about these services, please contact our office at (202) 332-4049.